Security and Me Workshop

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What is Security and Me?

This is a questionnaire that explores each team member's individual motivation and approach to software security. It relates this to their security-related activities in their development work.

Why should we use this?

Security is not only technical. It is a multi-faceted concern that touches on who people are and what they think is important: in their daily work, in their particular jobs, and in their career.

This questionnaire helps participants identify attributes of their working life, and relates them about factors that may influence how security happens in their professional work. It provides a language for managers and teams to discuss how team members relate to security.

You can use it as a basis for discussions about different security-related roles in the team, about how team members might work together to achieve stronger security, and about how individuals can motivate and support themselves towards security.

When can it be used?

To use this survey, you need:

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The profile concept is based on work by Schwartz, introduced in this paper. And the concept of different attitudes to security is based on work by Furness.