Security in the World

Cards on the table

What is Security in the World?

This is a card-based discussion activity. It relates different views of real-world security incidents to participants' own values and experiences.

Why should I run this workshop?

The push to improve security is everywhere these days, and the pressure on developers to do more about it is strong.

However, it’s not a natural thing to contemplate how a product or service may be compromised or breached, and developers need support to reason about cyber security risks

This workshop creates a safe space for participants to talk with each other about what security means in their software development context and why it is important.

When can it be used?

To run this workshop, you need:

This workshop might be right for you if you want:

Download Pack

The sub-folder Additional Materials in the Download Pack contains suggestions (in ModifyingTheWorkshop.docx) and other materials to help you adapt the workshop to suit different needs.

The open-access paper Talking about Security with Professional Developers describes three versions of this workshop and the experience of delivering them. Click here for the full reference.